BMA XNET is short for BMA EXTRANET. What is an Extranet? Google Definition [tap here].

BMA XNET is where your basic particulars such as Name, DOB, Contacts, Photo, etc for all BMA APPS are centralised so that you may enter or edit them in just one place.

Do you collect many Manual Forms? Contact us to set up your BMA XNET account for your CRM, HRM, SCM, Surveys, Events, etc. in the blink of an eye! Input by your Audience to BMA XNET can be via Web, SMS Short Code and Phone Dial Codes (USSD).

  1. Efficient Collection of Data Anywhere Anytime.
  2. Reduced Cost of Printing and Processing Manual Forms.
  3. Rich Content including Photos.
  4. Up-To-Date Data edited by your Audience. Never worry about obsolete contacts ever again.
  5. Data Integrity authenticated by BMA PIN. Say goodbye to Email and Phone spelling mistakes!
  6. Automated Email Receipts and SMS Notifications sent to both Payer and Payee.
  7. Date Window Filters for Payments Reports.
  8. Send Bulk SMS for Announcements and Reminders.
  9. Access to a Pool of Data for BI Analytics.
  10. Customised BMA XNET PAGES. See: www.bma.or.ke/pages [tap here]
Cost: Free Trial is provided for the first 30 Days or Entries, thereafter, Licence Fees are negotiated around U$D 1 per Member or between 1-5% for Transactions or U$D 1-10 per Entry for Other Data. M-Shirika Enterprise Clients under MOU need not pay.

IP NOTICE: BMA XNET Designs, Algorithims and Analytics are proprietary to BMA.

Downloads: PDF for Printing | PNG for Social Media [tap here].

To complete BMA FORMS for Associate Enlistment, Client Orders, Investor Offers, Supplier Pre-Qualifications, proceed with Menu below.

SHORTCUT: If you were on Quick Briefs (QB), M-Shirika Receipt Book (MRB), M-Shirika Enterprise, Article1, Vet Pal, GSS, etc, open BMA APPS below.