You probably have Pages on other Social Media such as a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ Page, Twitter Handle, YouTube Channel and so on.

BMA Pages is an additional Social Media tool targeting Membership-Based Organisations such as (a) Business and Professional Associations (b) Educational Institutions (c) Faith-Based Organisations (d) Financial Institutions and Groups i.e. SACCOs, Chamas, etc (e) Public-Benefit Organisations i.e. CBOs, NGOs, etc, among others.

BMA Pages also targets Event Organisers with large Audiences and Businesses with frequent repeat Customers such as Landlords and Real Estate Agents.

BMA Pages can also serve Public Figures such as Celebrities and Politicians who wish to stay in touch with their Audiences via SMS which, unlike other tools where Email and Notifications are snubbed, have almost 100% guaranteed open rate.

For FBOs, BMA Pages are inspired and guided by a Scriptural Mandate articulated on [tap here].

BMA Pages are hosted on BMA XNET and integrate with two underlying technology brands: (a) M-Shirika System for Finance and Communication. Documentation: [tap here] (b) QuickBriefs [QB] App for Digital Marketing. Login: [tap here]

BENEFITS - This is what you can do with BMA Pages:

  1. Send Appreciation SMS per Transaction and instant Bulk SMS for Announcements and Nourishment.
  2. Issue Email and SMS Receipts to Members / Customers / Participants / Tenants.
  3. Access Individual and Institutional Financial Statements by Members and Leaders respectively.
  4. Register Members / Customers Details and solicit regular Feedback via SMS and Dial Code.
  5. Advertise Events and Publish Notes.
  6. Network Business Deals and Jobs among Members.
  7. Earn upto 70% Profit on SMS Subscriptions.
  8. Earn 5-20% Commission on Referral of Client Deals worth 1K-100K and Investor Deals worth 1M-100M.
COSTS - BMA Pages are included in M-Shirika Licence Fees which are negotiated between 1K and 100K per month under an MOU after a 30-Day Free Trial.

Disclosure of select existing BMA Pages Clientele References is available upon request under NDSA.

To get yours set up within a few minutes, email labs
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