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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Key Questions:

  2. What is Unique about
  6. Why the Web?
12. How much are your Fees?
17. How can I Make Money with you?
27. Why Kenya?

  1. What is

    A Web Portal which consolidates the functionality of a Directory, Library and Noticeboard in one place hence the Brand Name "INFOYOTE DOT COM" i.e. "INFORMATION" and "YOTE" - Swahili for "all". as both a Company and Product -

  2. Why What is Unique about You?

    1. Intellectual Property (IP):

      1. Artistic: Our Corporate Branding, Page Aesthetics, etc. imprints indelible Mind and Memory Impressions. [ FAQ 16 ]
      2. Innovative: Converges 3 main Sections and 8 types of Audience in one place! [ FAQ 3 ]
      3. Proprietary: Copyrighted and Incorporated. [ Legal Status ]

    2. Business Model:

      1. One of the most Affordable ways of Internet Marketing and one of the most Generous ways of making Money online! [ FAQ 12, 17 ]
      2. International Best Practices and Quality Standards. [ Terms of Use ]
      3. Our Big Picture: Mentorship, Funding and Charity. [ Strategic Direction ]

  3. Who is your Target Market?

    1. Directory Subscribers: Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students.

    2. Library Authors: Clerics, Journalists and Academic Scholars.

    3. Noticeboard: Open to the Public.

    4. Banner Ads: Commercial Corporations, Educational Institutions and Government Agencies. Samples

    5. Institutional Partners: [ FAQ 4 ]

      1. Business/Career Networks (BCNs)
      2. Educational Institutions (EDUs)
      3. Faith-Based Organisations (FBOs)
      4. Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) such as Community-based Organisations (CBOs)
        and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

  4. What are the benefits to Institutional Partners?

    1. Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR) and Public Relations (PR):

      A free URL Page for Industry Linkages, Placement, Marketing and Publicity such as:





    2. Finance: Priority Allocation of BMA Public Shares if interested. [ FAQ 20 ]

  5. What if I run or represent a firm dealing with Web Design and Hosting, Human Resources, Overseas Migration or Media?

    Contact us and see how you could make money with us in line with Our Core Values (F.I.I.P.P.S.)

  6. Why the Web?

    The Web has better Content Accessibility, Retention and Traffic Traceability than Print or Broadcast Media.

    See Also [ FAQ 16, 17, 18, 20 | Internet Marketing | Monetization ]

  7. What if I do not have a Website?

    No Problem! You can start by entering your details and other Contacts on the Directory Profile. Our Portal gives you a Low-Cost Entry Point into an Online Presence and Footprint.

    To Procure a Website, you may also Request For Proposal and we shall forward it to our Directory Contacts and Outsource it on your behalf.

  8. What if I do have a Website?

    Good! You may add your website link to the Contacts section of the Directory Profile and you may also request a Banner Ad linked to your website.

    For a Website Facelift, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and/or Analytics, you may submit your Request For Proposal and we shall Outsource the same on your behalf via our Directory Contacts.

  9. How do I Login?

    Enter your Email and PIN. If you do not have/remember your PIN, use the "My PIN" request form and it will be sent/retrieved to you free and instantly.

    If you enter the correct Email and PIN combination and says "Login Successful" but does not go beyond the form, your IP connection could have changed. Close all tabs and the browser and reopen it again.

    Once you get in, you can perform all your account functions by accessing "My Account" near the top-right Header.

  10. How do I close My Account or Unsubscribe?

    If you wish to remove yourself from the Directory Profile, Login, access My Account, then My Profile, then delete the text therein.

    If you wish to Exit completely, simply reply to the email containing your PIN or latest Update with the Subject Line as "I WANT OUT" in capital letters and the Message Body with your Parting Shot and we shall effect the same.

  11. What about Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, e.t.c.?

    1. Use your Yahoo or Gmail accounts to access your PIN.

    2. Add your three or four Names on Directory and your Full Name will appear on Google Search.

    3. On Wikipedia, you may cite your PDF Download as a link from here for Royalties.

    4. Use to supplement (not to replace) your current arsenal of internet platforms in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, e.t.c. shall have their Plug-In buttons for every Directory and Library Item entry e.g. "Share", "Tweet", "+1", e.t.c.

  12. What are your Fees? How do you achieve Affordability, Sustainability and Viability?

    1. Directory: Access Free. Listing: KES 1,000-100,000 p.a. for 1%-100% Preview Space and Unlimited Detail Space. [ FAQ 13 ]

    2. Library: Access Free. Downloads: KES 1-1,000 per PDF. Publishing: Directory Listing is Required.

    3. Notice Board and Banner Ads: Access Free. Advertising: KES 1 per Targeted Impression.
      [ FAQ 16 ]

      Fees are exclusive of and subject to 16% Value-Added Tax (VAT).

  13. Do you have a Free Trial and for how long?

    Yes, for Directory Listing, until such time that you wish your Contacts displayed for Career and Business Networking.

  14. What is your Mode of Payment?

    Contact our Feedback or Social Media links below to confirm the method of payment for your country.

  15. What about other Countries?

    Contact our Feedback or Social Media links below regarding your requirements.

  16. How do your Targeted Impressions work? How do you Mitigate against Fraud?

    An Impression is the equivalent of a Page View (Adjusted) as Reported on

    For instance, in the Top Line Statistics Report published on 25th July 2013, use the following Parameters to approximate how many Visitors your Banner Ad should reach in deciding your Marketing Budget:

    1 Visitor = 20 Impressions = KES 20 (10-30 Minutes Worth of Advertising)
    10,000 Visitors = 200,000 Impressions = KES 200,000
    100,000 Visitors = 2,000,000 Impressions = KES 2,000,000
    1,000,000 Visitors = 20,000,000 Impressions = KES 20,000,000

    Our Standard Size for Banner Ads is 50,000 Pixel Squared; A Banner 1.5 times the Standard Size is Priced as 1.5 Banners; A Banner twice the Standard Size is Priced as 2 Banners and so on.

    We have set a Minimum Value for Banner Adverts due to Brand Aesthetics and Usability Experience. We wish not to clutter our Portal. Therefore the service is suited for large Commercial Corporates, Educational Institutions and Government Agencies. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which cannot afford the same can take advantage of Directory Listing which also has 1-100% Brand Visibility options. Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) can, in addition to Directory Listing, be engaged as Institional Partners. [ FAQ 3 ]

    A 24-Hours Free Trial can be provided to Monitor Performance of a Banner Ad and make necessary changes to the Banner and/or the Contract.

    Targeting helps to place your Ad in close proximity with relevant Content and to leverage your Budget. This means you can specify in your Request For Proposal which Pages and Sections you wish your Banner Ad to appear, their Frequency and Priority. Our Ads run Sequentially as demonstrated in the following example:

    As per the Statistics Report, and until further Data is collected and compared with other Third Party Analytics, 1 Unique Visitor = 20 Sessions (1 Repeat Visitor = 1 Session).

    Once you pay for a Banner, Login to My Account > My Banner Ad to view the Session ID, IP Address and Timestamp of your Visitors in Real-Time for your Auditing and Testing at any Time and Location. We DO NOT track the Names of Visitors due to Technical and Legal Constraints and because we respect their Privacy. Kindly note the distinction between our Visitors and Subscribers.

    Alternatively, we can source the Banner from a Web Server on your side using the tag so that you can monitor the traffic yourself. Our Assurance for Data Integrity is in the fact that we use multiple Third Party Analytics for the Statistics. They clearly report Human Visits and do not count Automated Visits such as those by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Bots. We are also testing Cloud Flare to further block suspicious Automated Visits.

    Furthermore, you can always check our Conversion Ratio between Visitors, Mailing List Subscribers, Directory Listings and Social Media Followers, currently at 80:10:1:1. At least this is fairly easy and more transparent because the Directory Listing Data is provided by the respective Person online. You may even contact some if you so wish.

    Finally, for Clients wishing to place Banner Ads for large number of Impressions (>100,000), an Advertising Contract can be provided. Therefore, we mitigate against Fraud with Legal, Statistical and Technical Measures.

    See Also [ Click Fraud ]

  17. How can I Earn Money with you?

    1. Authors: 50% Royalties for Paid-Up Library PDF Downloads. [ FAQ 18 ]

    2. Referrers: 20% Cash Commission for Paid-Up Banner Adverts and Directory Profiles.
      [ FAQ 18 ]

    3. Shareholders: 0.2x-146x ROI in 1-5 Years. [ FAQ 20 ]

  18. How do I Track my Earnings as an Author or Referrer?

    1. For Authors tracking Download Royalties, access your Real-Time Royalties Statement once you Login. The Minimum Interval and Amount Threshold required to Wire the Cash to you shall be updated on the Statement.

    2. For Referrers tracking Cash Commissions, enquire from your Clients or Prospects if they paid, Email us the Transaction details and we shall process your Cut promptly.

    3. For Referrers tracking Visitors send Emails or share on Social Media the relevant Updates provided on or Include a Referral Link as provided in the format hereunder, ensure 'REF=' contains your Referrer ID (which you Assign yourself but submit for RS2 upon Request for RS2) and is an Active Hyperlink i.e. Clickable. For example:
      Subject: Celebrate Kenya at 50
      Message: ... Celebrate Kenya at 50 - Nominate Business Daily 2013 Top 50 Under 50. For this and other Updates, See ...

      Subject: 8,000 Visitors, 70,000 Page Views, 90,000 Minutes on Ltd
      Message: ... About 8,000 Visitors had 70,000 Page Views and 90,000 Minutes on See why you should not miss out! ...
      You may then access your Real-Time Stats on Page 511 e.g.

      Note: Even if the Visitors themselves do not pay for any Service promptu, we shall pay you and all other Referrers for the Visitor Traffic from Corporate Advertisement Revenue. We have Allocated 20% for this and shall be Appropriated and Distributed according to the Statistics ( and This is also known as our Referral Revenue Sharing Scheme (RS2). Anyone can participate at any Time or Location as guided above.

      Note: We DO NOT Track Names and Contacts of Visitors due to Technology and Legal Constraints and because we respect their Privacy. Kindly note the distinction between our Visitors and Subscribers. New Subscribers have an option to mention you as their Referral during opening a New Account.

      Note: We provide Real-Time Tracking in essence for the purpose of Data Integrity and Transparency so that you can Audit or Test at any Time and Location.

  19. What are BMA Charity Votes?

    The Rights equivalent of 10% Accumulated Sales attributable to Referrers, Authors and Shareholders exercised in Quarterly Special Meetings held to identify and support a List of Needy Cases in Education, Health and Advocacy.

  20. What are the benefits of BMA Public Shares? Why a Public Company?

    1. Technology Companies are usually Capital-Intensive. In our case, we require KES 0.5 Million to service 1,250 Subscribers. This translates to an Acquisition Cost of KES 400.00 per Subscriber i.e. Conversion from Visitor to Subscriber . Thus, in a Jurisdiction and Market like the Republic of Kenya which currently has about 10 Million Internet Users (CCK Statistics), our Capital Outlay shall be to the tune of KES 4 Billion. Going Public helps in distributing this burden across many Shareholders beyond the limit of 50 allowed in Private Companies while giving each Shareholder a Low Entry Point. Technology Companies are usually High-Risk-High-Return Investments. A Public Technology Company spreads this Risk and shares out the Returns accordingly. [ Investor Relations ]

    2. Public Companies necessitate good Corporate Governance to protect Investors. In our case, the requirement to publish Financial Statements periodically shall boost our Brand Transparency and Trust among our Authors, Advertisers and Referrers especially with regard to our Download Royalties (DRs), Cost Per Impression (CPI) and Referral Revenue Sharing Scheme (RS2) models. This is because the numbers in the Financials must Add-Up and Drill-Down in tandem with the DRs, CPI and RS2 numbers. [ FAQ 16, 18 ]

    3. Public Companies provide ease of Transfer, Exit and Liquidation of Shares. Our Shareholders may Sell their Shares at a higher price to new Shareholders whether 1-on-1 or in a Securities Exchange when the Local Subsidiary is Listed. Meanwhile, our Shareholders may use their Shares as Collateral/Security for Short-Term Loans if they need immediate Liquidity.

    4. Distribution of Intellectual Property to the Public for Commercialization is an Exclusive and Guaranteed Right. [ Legal Status ]

    5. All serious Companies who play in the league of the Blue-Chips or the Big Boys are Public Companies. See Also [ Top 100 Global Wealthiest Companies ]

  21. What do the acronyms DTA, IRDC and MAC3 mean?

    These are Sub-Entities and Trademarks under Ltd

    Depending on the context, DTA refers to (a) Digital Tracking Agency for Statistical Research (b) Data Triangulation Algorithm as deployed on the Web Portal e.g. the DTA Knowledge Index. DTA is also defined here recursively similar to the definition of PHP as in DTA Tracking Agency and DTA Triangulation Algorithm.

    IRDC refers to the Institute of Research and Development Cooperation.

    MAC3 refers to McKnight, Angels & Comrades Charity Connections.

    See Also [ FAQ 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 ]

  22. What is a Think Tank? What are your Thematic Areas?

    A Think Tank is a group or body of Experts who are usually affiliated or funded by Government, University or Corporate entities to study and advise Clients on Social, Political, Economic, Technology, Military and other Thematic Areas.

    Our Thematic Areas are summarised as (4U) in our Strategic Direction.

  23. What is R&D? How does it concern You?

    Research and Development (R&D) refers to "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications" - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

    We are concerned with R&D Applications in reference to new Products, Processes, Procedures e.t.c. which fulfill a Market need. Such needs may or may not be articulated in advance by Researchers or a particular Population itself.

  24. What is Statistics? How is it any of your Business?

    Statistics is a branch of Applied Mathematics used to Collect, Collate and Analyse large Data Sets (a collection of Numbers or Facts which are Quantitative or Qualitative in nature respectively) which are Sampled and Extrapolated from a Population in order to make Inferences and Deductions (Conclusions) and predict the Probability or Likelihood of Future Events.

    We are concerned with Statistics within the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    AI is a highly-specialized and multi-disciplinary branch of Computer Science which combines Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics, Statistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Linguistics, and other Disciplines to develop Technologies which mimic or simulate the Human Mind and Behaviour.

    Our AI Engine has Algorithms useful for Angel Investing, Career Mapping and Pathing as well as Social Matching.

  25. What is Angel Capital? How are You involved?

    Angel Capital is Seed Money (a.k.a. Love Money) provided by Angel Investors (a.k.a. Business Angels) to Start-Ups and Early-Stage businesses in exchange for Equity or Convertible Debt.

    Angel Investors fill the gap between Family, Friends and Fools (FFF) and Venture Capitalists (VC) a.k.a Vulture Capitalists. Angel Investors are more interested in the Person or Entrepreneur than the Product or Enterprise as a Critical Success Factor (CSF). They also provide Advice and Contacts.

    AC is typically upto $100K whereas VC is around $1M depending on the Economy e.g. Gross Domestic Product, Per Capita Income and Foreign Exchange (Forex) of a particular Country.

    Our Portal is powered by an AI Engine with Algorithms which take into consideration both Hard and Soft Factors at Macro, Micro and Personal Economic Levels.

    We, therefore, provide an Interface and Intermediary between Entrepreneurs and Investors.

  26. See Also [ Investor Relations | Angel Capital ]

  27. What are Knowledge Economies? Is this your Goal?

    Societies where Innovation is used to create and transfer Assimilated and Synthesised Information in a way that derives financial benefits such as Job Creation to Organisations and their Countries.

    Our End Game is to provide Insights for Impact and Advance Knowledge Economies Globally through the Power of Information.

    See Also [ Strategic Direction | Knowlegde Economy ]

  28. Why Kenya?

    Some of us tend to make Significant Contributions to Society wherever we go or in whatever we set our minds and hearts to do e.g. Lupita Nyongo, Wangari Mathaai, James Mwangi, Michael Joseph, Manu Chandaria, David Rudisha, Paul Tergat, Barack Obama among others, perhaps or probably in fulfillment of Prophecy
    [ Zephaniah 3:10 | Mark 6:4 | Acts 17:26 ]

    See Also [ Brand Kenya | Vision 2030 | Kenya Prophecy ]

    'My Land is Kenya' Video by Roger Whittaker

    Please use a different Browser or open

    'My Land is Kenya' Video by Moipei Sisters

    Please use a different Browser or open

Compiled By: BMA C-I-C
Published: 27th October 2012

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4th July 2015: FAQ 1 Clarified of as both a Company and Product

15th October 2014: FAQ 27 Added Lupita Nyongo and 'My Land is Kenya' Videos by Roger Whittaker and Moipei Sisters



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