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Bro. McKnight & Associates (BMA) is an award-winning tech-savvy corporate social investments and public-private partnerships agency started on 29th February 2008 (leap year date) in Kenya, East Africa.

As a brand, BMA's Vision is to be the leading Think Tank facilitating Enlightenment and Empowerment globally as articulated and inspired by Albert Einstein's Philosophy that we cannot solve problems using the same level or kind of thinking we had when we first created them.
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As an entity, BMA is the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Holder of Guidelines for Success from Scripture (GSS) and Ltd. BMA is registered as the Sole Proprietor over GSS as Literary Works and Ltd as a Technology Company. BMA Subsidiaries shall be incorporated as Public Listed Companies in various jurisdictions globally such as BMA (Kenya) Ltd for which Ltd reserves at least half the equity. [Ref: Legal Status | Subsidiary vs Property ]

BMA's awards include Enablis Top 100, Business Daily The Next Big Thing and ICTAK Kenya@50 Value Brand (Special Category).

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Our Flagship Product

Our Core (Kingdom) Business is the development and distribution of Guidelines for Success from Scripture (GSS), a set of Biblical Reference and Motivational Resources in various forms including Audio Visual DVDs, Books, Certifications, Mobile Apps and Web/SMS Query/Subscription. What is more accessible and impactful to a jail bird in incarceration or someone in a remote rural area...some sort of technology infrastructure or relevant content in a book...preferably in their native language? Do we recall the legacy of great people like Prophet Moses, Christ Jesus or Apostle Paul for their Shepherd, Carpentry or Tent-Making careers respectively or the Literary Works accompanying their Societal Causes many centuries after the fact? Hence why GSS is our key product, the most 'one thing' we do...mostly.

Guidelines for Success from Scripture (GSS) Brand and Sample Collection The Guidelines for Success from Scripture (GSS) Brand and Sample Collection. Access GSS Hub

Our End Game

BMA's ultimate purpose is to facilitate Micro Equity, Medical Aid, Legal Aid and Scholarships by providing an Infrastructure for GSS and other Content by-products to be shared among various Audiences whose 20% Revenue is then allocated to Angel Capital, Charitable Fund and State Taxes, in concurrence with the 80:20 Pareto Principle. Ltd Strategic Schema

Bro. McKnight

Bro. AKM McKnight (BMA Founding Chairman [Chief-In-Command]) is an Aspiring Polymath and Philanthropist. A Divergent, Jesus Whiz Kid. He is an Intellectual, Innovator and Creative wrapped in one package. Intellectuals are generally book-worm Scientists whereas Innovators are gizmo-fan Engineers. Scientists (re-) discover, define or design Principles and Formulae, Engineers implement them in a particular discipline. In other words, in addition to his intellectualism for Philosophical and Theological Scholarship, Bro. McKnight is also talented in both innovativeness for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Science, as well as creativity for Fine Arts, Movies, Music, Photography and other Media by his ability to harness both his Left and Right Brain Hemispheres concurrently, as may be postulated in Neuroscience, one of the multi-diciplinary studies under AI. AI is a highly-specialized and multi-disciplinary branch of Computer Science which combines Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics, Statistics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Linguistics, and other disciplines to develop technologies which mimic or simulate the Human Mind and Behaviour. He was Born-Again in 1995 at Age 12 with a Calling and Gifting for Leadership, Scholarship and Philanthropy within the meaning of Exodus 31, Numbers 8:17, Deuteronomy 8:28, Ephesians 4, Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and 2 Corinthians 9:8 (Inter-Faith/Religious and Inter-Denominational Administration, Teaching and Giving). His Mission, therefore, is to make such contribution to Society as to become a Nobel Laureate and thereby build a Trillion-Dollar Balance Sheet Company providing over a million jobs globally. Autobiography | Curriculum Vitae | LinkedIn | Who's Who | Facebook | Twitter | Favourites

The Presidential Award Ceremony, State House Nairobi, October 2014
The Presidential Award Ceremony, State House, Oct 2014. Other BMA Photo Highlights

'Hey Brother' Video by Avicii (Social Impact)

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