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Bro. McKnight & Associates (BMA)

Our Vision

The Lead Global Think Tank in facilitating Enlightenment and Empowerment.

Our Mission

To undertake web-based Research and Development (R&D) which enhances access to Information and avails thereof Solutions and Opportunities for our Clientele and the Populace worldwide.

Our Philosophy [Ref: Philosophy | Thesis Statement ]

We cannot solve problems using the same level or kind of thinking we had when we first created them. [Albert Einstein]

Our Motto and Slogan

BMA ... Insights for Impact (I4I)

Our Core Values (F.I.I.P.P.S)

  1. Fairness - Ensuring our Work benefits all interested Persons and Entities without Discrimination or Bias.

  2. Impact - Effecting Large-Scale Positive Transformation in Society.

  3. Ingenuity - Pursuing New, Creative and Intelligent Means to our Ends.

  4. Partnership - Joining hands with existing Players to avoid Duplication of our Efforts.

  5. Professionalism - Commitment to High Quality, Customer Focus and Integrity.

  6. Stewardship - Being Prudent with and Accountable for our Resources.

Our Thematic Goals (4U) ("For You")

  • Education - To fight Illiteracy and Ignorance (Ujinga) through enhanced access to Research Materials, Author Royalties and Scholarship Grants.

  • Economy - To fight Poverty (Umasikini) through enhanced access to Market Data and Capital Sources.

  • Health - To fight Disease (Ugonjwa) through enhanced access to Medical Data and Charitable Aid.

  • Governance - To fight Corruption (Uongozi Ubinafsi) through enhanced access to Public Documentation and Advocacy.

Our Corporate Objectives (Within one decade w.e.f. 29th Feb 2012 of roll-out in Kenya;
and the same in other Jurisdictions subject to Population and other Statistical Variables

  1. To enlist at least 500,000 Directory Subscribers.

  2. To assist at least 50,000 (10%) Students find Mentorship.

  3. To assist at least 50,000 (10%) Micro-Entrepreneurs find Funding.

  4. To assist at least 50,000 (10%) Needy Persons find Aid.

  5. To publish at least 500,000 Library Materials.

  6. To enlist at least 5 million Library Subscribers.

Our Productification and Programmification Divisions

  1. GSS Mentorship.

  2. BPO Support.

  3. Medical Aid.

  4. Legal Aid.

  5. Education Scholarships.

  6. Idea Funding.

  7. CIISSE Awards.

See Also Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQ 19 ]

Compiled By: BMA C-I-C
Published: 2nd February 2009
Updated: 3rd July 2015

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