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Infoyote.com as Subsidiary vs Property

Company Profile

Infoyote.com Ltd is incorporated as a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Bro. McKnight and Associates (BMA) for legal protection and non-exposure of the Author against personal bankruptcy, liquidation or litigation risks and for legal privileges such as banking and contracts. [Ref infoyote.com/bigbro254]

Web Portal

Infoyote.com is a Web Portal whose Brand Name suggests an all-inclusive ("Yote") repository of online content ("Information"). It provides:

  1. A Directory of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students for Business and Career Networking.
  2. A Library of Research Materials published by Authors categorised as Clerics, Journalists and Academic Scholars for Downloads and Royalties.
  3. A Noticeboard for Announcements, Events, Jobs, Tenders, Scholarships, Grants, Tenders, Auctions, Requests for Quotations (RFQ), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Invitations for Bids (IFB) e.t.c. targeting the Public.
  4. Banner Ads for Advertisements by Commercial Corporations, Educational Institutions and Government Agencies.
The Portal is an output of Research and Development (R&D) undertaken since 2002 reduced to Material Form.

The Portal implements a copyrighted Six Dimensional (6D) Content Model as its Design Innovation so to provide High Quality information with the following (17) Attributes: Affordable; Accessible; Synergetic; Relevant; User-Driven; On-Demand; Comparative; Unified; Structured; Simplified; Semantically Integrated; Co-Related; Interactive; Comprehensive; Reliable; Verifiable; and Updated.
[Ref: Copyright Download (1.0 MB) | Metaphysics | Multiple Realisability | Quantum Superposition ]

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Articulated By: BMA C-I-C
Published: 2nd February 2009
Updated: 14th August 2013, 4th July 2015

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