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1.1. INFOYOTE DOT COM, IYDC, I-CASH and related expressions including Logos, Slogans and System Architectures constitute the Intellectual Property (IP) of the Proprietors of INFOYOTE.COM LIMITED ("Company") Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.

1.2. INFOYOTE.COM ("Portal") is Proprietary to the Company and is hereby provided for Public Use under the Terms stated herein.

1.3. Persons ("Authors", "Subscribers") use the Portal as identified by their Email Address and the Portal PIN.

2.1. The Company hereby Acknowledges all Third Parties and Open Source Communities for all IP Contributions to the Company and Portal as variously Cited where applicable and possible.

3.1. Information published on the Portal is Co-Owned by Company and the respective Authors and their Sources.

3.2. Personal Data is kept Private without release to Third Parties, unless given Explicit Consent by the respective Subscriber.

4.1. The Company continues to undertake both Organisational and Technical measures to secure Data from Accidental or Unauthorized Access, Alteration, Disclosure, Use or Loss. However, the Portal is provided "AS-IS" during a particular implementation Version and therefore the Company undertakes no Liability for any Loss, Damage or Warranties.

5.1. Permission to use information on the Portal is hereby granted to all Persons subject to appropriate Source Citation. However, use of this information for any derivative Creative Production must be preceded by Explicit Written Permission from the Company and the Authors concerned.

5.3. Authors and Subscribers are also required to:

  1. Use the Portal in Lawful, Ethical and Constructive Purposes only and in utmost Good Faith.
  2. Provide Data that is True, Accurate and Complete.
  3. Cite the Source(s) of information published where applicable.
  4. Respect the Privacy and Credibility or Reputation of other Persons.

6.1. All Persons are advised to take Security Precautions regarding any Persons contacting them purportedly by using the Portal including:

  1. Always check the Sender's both Name and Email Address.
  2. Remove Risky Details from your published Text, Graphics and attached Documents.
  3. DO NOT send any Money whatsoever to whosoever you have never met or cannot trace.
  4. DO NOT meet in Private and secluded places; Meet in Public and popular places;
    For first-time Interviews or Meetings, inform some people close to you of exactly where you are going and go with some Escort as necessary;
  5. Report to the Company and/or the Police incase of any Abuse.

7.1. A breach in any aspect of this Terms of Use shall invoke Account Blacklisting, Suspension, Termination and/or Legal Action.

See Also [ Legal Status ]

Drafted By: BMA C-I-C
With Effect From: 15th October 2008
Updated: 27th July 2013

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