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23>Who Invited You? Why Join? Your Expectations
Include Keywords of your Occupation (and Location) for Searchability i.e. so that your Profile is pulled up when Prospective Clients or Employers type certain words on the Search Tool. Kindly specify here if you need an Official Email and Website with your own Brand Domain e.g. you@yourbrand.co.uk (from USD 50 per year) or equivalent in other Countries. If you wish to Partner with BMA, say how many Members you could Invite, the Timeframe and your Payment, email your CV (and/or Business Profile if applicable), Academic/Business Certificates and 5 Photos or Social Media Links of You and Your Works in different Backgrounds/Scenes (for Website Clients) to deals @bma.or.ke after you submit this Form. Disclaimer: Modes of Payment are listed on www.bma.or.ke ONLY.
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USD Per Month. Free Trial: 30 Days. Silver Membership includes Bronze Benefits and so on. Membership Fees determine Priority Listing on BMA APPS e.g. Top 100, Member Badges for Events and Additional Benefits. Platinum Members and higher also receive upto 75% Waiver of M-Shirika Licence Fees. Modes of Payment listed on www.bma.or.ke ONLY. Remember to say who invited you so that BMA pays them 20% Perpetual Referral Commissions. Enter their Twitter or Email or Phone Contact in No. 23 above.
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