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Suppose you are an Advocate. Google the word "Advocate". What are the chances that you will show up on the first page among the hundreds of millions of links ... very few right? That's the problem QB wants to solve. By marketing yourself on QB, we reduce the clutter by ensuring only Human Voted Links of Active Accounts are prioritised on the Links Feed and Search Results rather than by SEO Bots and Crawlers. If you work in a Firm of Advocates, guide all your colleagues to Vote Up your Link and, if they wish to also market themselves individually, to mention the name of your Firm in their Descriptions.

QuickBriefs [QB] is a one-stop Links Indexing Tool for Events, Tenders, Jobs, Real Estate, Vehicles, Products, Sevices, etc. Place your Advert for Unlimited Space, Duration and Social Media Links. www.bma.or.ke/apps

To Busy Executives, as you take that breather in-between meetings or ride your limo and fly your jet, QB is the go-to place to quickly get up-to-speed with what's important on Social Media without wasting your valuable time. Time is Money.

To Advertisers and Writers, QB is where you make your elevator pitch to people who really matter as prospective clients at a fraction of usual spend. Use QB with unlimited space and duration to link all your important Website or Social Media posts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ among others.

The QB Links Feed is listed starting from the Highest to Lowest Voted Links going downwards in Descending Order. To increase your post priority and visibility, encourage your contacts to Vote Up your post. Only one Vote per Person is counted.

QB is Free for 30 Days, Subscription is $1 per User per Month and Linking is $1 per Link paid once (USD). All your Links remain Active provided your Subscription is Active. Premium Adverts are priced upon enquiry. Methods of Payment are available on BMA website contacts page: www.bma.or.ke.

The combined QB Voting and Subscription Model provides its unique innovative self-decluttering mechanism to ensure quality of content as is lacking in other Social Media platforms. QB is IP and Privacy Protected under www.bma.or.ke/legal and www.bma.or.ke/terms.

**IP Notice: Inspirational and Motivational Stories are published on QuickBriefs [QB] as Free Content as part of BMA CSR (herein as "Content" or "Work"), under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence [CC BY SA]. Adaptations and Derivatives of the Work (herein as "Distributions") is hereby permitted for both Commercial and Non-Commercial purposes provided such Content is attributed as follows: Source: QuickBriefs [QB] www.bma.or.ke/apps and subsequent Distributions thereof are shared under this CC BY SA Licence and BMA is notified via Email to labs @bma.or.ke.

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