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The Rise of James Mworia from Intern to CEO of U$D 1.8 Billion Company in 7 Years.

James Mwirigi Mworia is an Advocate, Accountant and Corporate Executive. He was born in 1978, attended Alliance High School, Strathmore University and University of Nairobi. He has LLB, CPA and CFA papers however, he began working in an entry-level position as a Filing Clerk at Centum Investments in 2001 at age 23 until December 2006 when he joined TransCentury Investments as its Head of Investments.

In 2008, he was appointed CEO of Centum Investments at age 30 where he increased its asset base from U$D 69 Million to U$D 1.8 Billion making it the largest publicly traded private capital firm in East Africa and generating a total return to shareholders of over 600 per cent. He also serves as the Board Chairman at Sidian Bank and Board Member at Nairobi Stock Exchange and Lewa Conservancy. In September 2016, Business Daily reported he was Kenya’s highest paid executive among five largest corporations at KES 200 Million per year or KES 16 Million per month in his late 30s.

In various interviews, he says he always had “a CEO’s mind” and lower positions were stepping stones to greater opportunities. He is quoted as saying “When opportunity comes knocking on your door, it does not come written ‘my big break’, it might come as a small job or a small introduction” and “[people] don’t give themselves permission to succeed”. Mr. Mworia is a stickler for plans and follows through on what he sets out to do. He has been acclaimed in numerous awards globally including World Economic Forum Young Global Leader for 2016 and a Fellow of Archbishop Desmond Tutu African Leadership Forum.

Research by Bro McKnight @BigBro254 References: Business Daily, Forbes, Wikipedia.
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