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  1. Photo:

  2. Full Name: Private and Confidential

  3. Alias: (TEST PROFILE)

  4. National ID/PP: Private and Confidential

  5. Gender: Male

  6. DOB: Private and Confidential

  7. Blood Group: A Positive

  8. Religion | Denomination | Place of Worship: Christian, PEFA

  9. Country of Origin: Kenya

  10. Ethnicity: Kikuyu, Masaai

  11. Residence: Nairobi

  12. Occupation: Business

  13. Main Source of Income (Employment | Entrepreneurship | Investments): Entrepreneurship

  14. Education: College Diploma

  15. Aggregate Grade Percentage: 55%

  16. Body Type (Slim | Medium | Plus Size | Athletic | Bodybuilder): Medium

  17. Height: 5.9 Feet & Inches

  18. Weight: 70 KG

  19. Eye Colour: Brown

  20. Hair Colour: Black

  21. Hair Length (Clean Shaven | Short | Medium | Long | Extra Long): Short

  22. Marital Status (Cohabitation | Come-We-Stay | Divorced | Separated | Other Relationship | None of the Above): None of the Above

  23. Children Existing: 1

  24. HIV Status: I Don't Know

  25. Alcohol | Cigarettes (I Don't Want | I Don't Mind | I Do Take): I Don't Mind

  26. Personality Strengths: Outgoing, Fun

  27. Personality Weaknesses: Quiet

  28. Describe Yourself: THIS IS A TEST PROFILE

  29. Heart and Mind

    "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their WORK: If one falls down, his FRIEND can help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of THREE strands is not quickly broken." - King Solomon (Ecclessiastes 4:9-12 NIV)
  30. What is your Life Dream | Purpose | Vision (FUTURE) that you would like your Spouse to Partner with You in? THIS IS A TEST PROFILE

  31. Narrate a brief real experience where you Proved your FRIENDSHIP to someone in Life's Ups and Downs? THIS IS A TEST PROFILE

  32. Psychometric Type

  33. Energy (Extraversion | Intraversion): Extraversion - E

  34. Abstraction (Sensing | Intuition): Sensing - S

  35. Decisions (Feeling | Thinking): Feeling - F

  36. Order (Perceiving | Judging): Perceiving - P

  37. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): ESFP

    Download Chart: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [tap here]

    Compatible Types: www.bma.or.ke/mytype [tap here on link sent to email]

    Bro McKnight Research Hypothesis Cross-Reference of Myers-Briggs to Tim LaHaye Types: (E)(P)-Sanguines, (S)(F)-Phlegmatics, (T)(J)-Cholerics and (I)(N)-Melancholics

    Desired Spouse

  38. Age Bracket: Late 20s (26-30)

  39. Income Level per Year Subject to Country GDP (PPP) Per Capita [tap here]: $10,001 - $25,000

  40. Role (Equal Partners | Husband Works More Than Wife | Husband Works Wife Stays At Home): Husband Works More Than Wife

  41. Exclusivity (One Husband One Wife Only | One Husband Multiple Wives | Multiple Mistresses | Multiple Sponsors): One Husband One Wife Only

  42. Virginity (Compulsory - Must Be A Virgin | Preferable - May Not Be A Virgin | Undecided - I Won't Say): Preferable - May Not Be A Virgin

  43. Number of Children Wanted: 3

  44. Discipline of Children - On a Scale of 1 [Handsoff] to 10 [Strict/Harsh]: 5

  45. Involvement of Extended Family and In-Laws - On a Scale of 1 [Yearly] to 10 [Monthly]: 7

  46. Other Criteria: N/A

  47. Membership

  48. Membership (Bronze | Silver | Gold | Diamond | Platinum): Silver Member - $100 p.m.

  49. Postal Address: Private and Confidential

  50. Social Media: Private and Confidential

  51. Emergency Contacts: Private and Confidential

  52. Referrer: Private and Confidential

  53. Email: Private and Confidential

  54. Phone: Private and Confidential

  55. Feedback: Private and Confidential

  56. Date Joined: Saturday, 27th January 2018 16:22:16 (Germany Server Time)

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