Do you need money for food, rent, medical bills, school fees, business capital, community project, etc? You can raise funds via M-Shirika. It is free for humanitarian grants and 10% for repayable loans. If you wish to support such cases, submit a pledge. You are not required to deposit the pledge anywhere in advance however consider the same as a sacred vow which attracts blessings to you when honoured and vice versa. We call this cause as Charity for Citizens by Citizens (CCC) in our Statement on COVID-19 available at In this context, charity refers to grants and soft loans whereas citizens refers to any individual or entity who wishes to support others DIRECTLY whosever they are and wherever they may be globally. What we provide is a unique and robust technology, legal and security framework to facilitate the same in partnership with governments and other stakeholders. Our goal is M-Shirika to become the Amazon of Philanthropy.
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