M-Shirika Call Support Service
Consider the following scenarios:

1. Suppose you are an owner or manager of a business, do you handle calls from your customers directly?

2. If not, how would you know whether or not your employees served them well? I mean, we are all human and sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed or we have other pressures that may interfere with our work!

3. What if your team works from home or in multiple locations, do you have a way to distribute your calls? I do not think all their numbers appear on your business card, letter head, flyers, website and other marketing materials.

4. If you occassionally experience times when your lines are overloaded, do you have a way of knowing which calls could not come through?

5. Can you really afford to loose money due to customer service especially given the new normal of COVID-19?

If you said NO to any of the foregoing problems, we have a nice solution for you called M-Shirika Call Support Service.

How it works is that, as your callers dial your usual numbers, the calls are forwarded to M-Shirika via a Mobile Network Operator, they hear a customised welcome message in your own voice, then the calls go to your team and you shall have access to the analytics. You can also choose whether or not you want to set up and access audio records from the network operator through the platform. For instance:

"Thank you for calling ABC Ltd. If this is your first time, press 1. If you are happy with our service, press 2. If you have any concerns with our service, press 3. This is to help us serve you with excellence."

We offer packages which cater for all sizes of businesses starting from an office with one staff responsible for receiving customer calls e.g. a receptionist or secretary all the way to bigger customer care teams and we can negotiate something that fits your budget.

How to keep your Members motivated in the New Normal of COVID-19

Are you a Chaplain, HR Manager, Pastor or someone in charge of a group of people? How do you stay in touch with your Members - WhatsApp?

Open a M-Shirika Chat Room which eliminates clutter, provides access to historical conversations and administrative monitoring as a way to supplement WhatsApp.

Benefits to Admins include ability to discuss weekly reflections or chapters of a motivational e-book or any book systematically, ability to host an unlimited number of participants, ability to censure inappropriate content, ability to view all posts by a participant on one page then design periodical awards, gifts or certificates based on quality and quantity thereof, and access to a tool for realisation of various aspects in your strategic documents such as innovation, teamwork, partnerships and so on.

Benefits to Members include ability to view discussions which took place before they joined, ability to view profiles of each other for business, career and social networking, high visibility from their posts and notifications by email or sms.

We offer this service free of charge as part of our charitable work.
Kindly get in touch with me directly via the Contact Form below to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.

Much Appreciated,

Ciku Wafula (Client Advisor)

PS: We offer many other related services such as Banner Ads, Bulk SMS, Dial Codes (USSD), Directory Listing, Mentorship Tools, Websites, other custom solutions for Academia, Membership Organisations, Real Estate Agents, SACCOs and so on. We also run a Fundraising initiative for people who need grants and loans. Lastly, contact me if you are looking for a Business or Career opportunity. Join us as an Agent or Client Advisor to get a page like this customised to your own Country, Currency and Language.
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