Welcome to M-Shirika, 'Where Mentors and Mentees Meet'. Why do people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg drop out of University? Why do Parents and Governments spend so much money on Education only to churn out a disproportionate number of Job Seekers than Job Creators? How can the disconnect between and among Faculty and Students, Employers and Employees as well as Clergy and Laity be bridged through Mentorship and Networking? Such are the Societal Problems which BMA, the Enterprise, seeks to solve through M-Shirika, the Platform (Software as a Service – SaaS).

How many of us have Mentors? How about Mentees? How do you stay in touch? M-Shirika is an Online and Mobile Platform whose Ultimate Goal is to connect Mentors with Mentees for Mentorship and Networking. M-Shirika has 7 Service Lines. Mentorship and Networking is powered by Chat Rooms Service. M-Shirika Chat Rooms are like WhatsApp Groups except that the Pros and Cons thereof are leveraged for Corporate Use.

With M-Shirika, you can: (1) Share Notes with recurrent and/or large Audiences without the hassle of collecting Email Addresses and Phone Numbers; (2) Regularly elicit Customer Feedback for Quality Management through Event Registration and Satisfaction Surveys; (3) Have Official Social Media without the Clutter and Idlers on WhatsApp; Enable New Members to see Chat History before they joined; (4) Stay in touch with your Alumni (5) Address Delayed or Inadequate Feedback from Faculty; (6) Make Online Learning more Learner Friendly and Transparent; and (7) As a BMA Kingdom Business Partner, you can benefit from Free Marketing, Vacancies and Investment Opportunities and possibly make over 1 Million per month as additional Passive Income.
Any Business can be summarised by its own version of a Menu. - Nabii McKnight @bmachairman #ilovebma
SERVICE MENU [ www.mshirika.com ] FEE (USD)
1. Chat Rooms, Notes and Surveys - For Conference Speakers | Clergy | Faculty | Cell Groups | Co-Curricular Clubs | Online Learning | HR | Quality Management Free of Charge
2. Directory Listing - For Contacts and Networking (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc) From $10 per Year
3. Directory Listing + Website (Bronze Plus Member) From $50 per Year
4. Banner Ads From $1,000 per Month
5. Accounts Support - For Members to Access own Statements Online and Dial Code; Sending Appreciation SMS per Transaction; Sending Bills, Receipts and Pledge Reminders; Targets: FBOs, Fundraisers, SACCOs, Schools, Real Estate Agents, etc. From $1 per A/C p.m.
or 5% T/O (Neg.)
6. Client Support - For Tracking Client Enquiries and SMS Reference Numbers; Targets: Call Centres and Office Receptions From $10 per Month per Designated Staff
7. Bulk SMS and USSD Dial Codes (Bundled with # 4, 5 or 6) Standard Rates
Referral Commissions 20% Perpetual
For further enquiries, kindly contact www.bma.or.ke [tap here]


By Nabii McKnight (Tweet @bmachairman) March 19, 2019

Nabii McKnight | BMA LLP

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