Anyone can use this M-Shirika Receipt Book (MRB) for collecting Payment Details and issuing Receipts online such as Contributors, Event Participants, Group Members, etc. If you would like to include your Photo and National ID/PP on the Receipt, register for a free and instant BMA VISA from BMA XNET [tap here] (Required Once).

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To guide your Audience here, communicate to them as such: "Kindly obtain your receipt via M-Shirika Receipt Book (MRB) www.mshirika.com Email: me@gmail.com Phone: XXXX XXX XXX". Provide your Email and Phone. Once submitted, an Automated Email Receipt is sent to both the Payer and Payee either of whom may complete this Form. Your Payments Report is also tabulated below as Private and Confidential upon Login wherein SMS Confirmations may be sent from. Benefits and Cost are listed on BMA XNET [tap here].