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This arrangement is hereby entered by Nabii McKnight & Associates (1st Party) ('us','our') and the above M-Shirika PIN Holder (2nd Party) and their assigns who agree as follows:

A. To engage us and our services/platforms:
i. For lawful, ethical and constructive purposes only and in utmost good faith.
ii. By providing data that is true, accurate and complete.
iii. By citing the source(s) of information where applicable.
iv. By respecting the credibility, dignity, privacy and reputation of other persons.
v. By never telling anyone your PIN including our staff and your loved ones.
vi. By not removing our IP Signature from CPanel e.g. 'Designed/Hosted/Powered By ...'.
B. To take security precautions regarding any persons contacting you via our services/platforms including:
i. Always check the sender's both name and email address.
ii. Remove risky details from your published content including text, graphics and attachments.
iii. DO NOT send any money whatsoever to whosoever you have never met or cannot trace.
iv. DO NOT meet in private or secluded places but to meet in public and popular places.
v. For first-time meetings or interviews, inform some people close to you of exactly where you are going and go escorted.
vi. Report to us and/or the Police incase of any incidence.
C. To always keep all matters, including data, confidential and to seek permission by email before making any disclosure or reference of your involvement with us to anyone else including the Media except to the extent provided by a Certificate or Public Letter.
D. To never incite, induce, persuade or solicit anyone involved with us away in competition.
E. To negotiate and mediate any dispute arising within 30 calendar days with evidence of email.
F. To release and indemnify us of all claims outside this arrangement and to access its services/platforms 'as-is' without liability for any loss, damage or warranties whatsoever.
G. To incur any damages and relief caused in breach thereof including suspension, termination, blacklisting and/or legal action enforced by court order and intelligence security at any jurisdiction expedient.
H. The 1st Party undertakes to reciprocate the same to the 2nd Party.

This represents the entire arrangement, each clause is independent and, where necessary, open to updates communicated accordingly. The same does not create any agency, partnership or joint venture between the parties. All Intellectual Property (IP) Rights remain reserved by Nabii McKnight & Associates.

Drawn and Executed By: Nabii McKnight & Associates. Updated: Feb 12, 2020.
"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos (3:3)